LU College of Biomedical Sciences Giving Back to the Community

The Pre-Health Club of the College of Biomedical Sciences at Larkin University had the opportuning to give back to the community by working along with Habitat for Humanity. A great volunteering opportunity with the chance to assist those attempting to build better lives for families.


How would you describe your volunteering opportunity?  “Working with Habitat for Humanity is a great experience and volunteering opportunity,” said Musheer Abdalhuk, College of Biomedical Sciences student. “This organization provides volunteers with the chance to assist those attempting to build better lives for their families. Some of us in the community grow up or even fall into low socioeconomic living. This organization allows the opportunity for those people to realize a component of the American dream. Offering home ownership by building these people homes through material and labor donations. Families looking to achieve this would log a certain amount of community service hours in order for the organization to build a home for them,” he added.







What did you learn from this exiting opportunity? “People not only are given a home that is free of cost, but Habitat for Humanity also gets these people involved in their own community assisting people just like themselves,” said Musheer Abdalhuk. “As a volunteer I find this to be a very honorable charity and one I would encourage others to reach out and inquire about what donations are needed. It was great to know as a volunteer you are part of a process that would provide home to someone who may not ever have the ability to buy on their own,” Abdalhuk added.


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