Thank you for your continued support of Larkin University and contributing to the success of our students.

We invite you to consider donating to one of the Larkin University Funds that provide support to help grow the university, scholarships to assist students, or funding specific individual programs. All gifts to Larkin University powerfully impact our mission, and more importantly, aid in our students’ success.

Funding opportunities

L.I.O.N.’s Pathways to Growth

The L.I.O.N.’s Pathways to Growth looks to the future. We are committed to providing new, additional opportunities for our existing students and exploring new degree programs so that even more of our students can become leaders in healthcare. The L.I.O.N.’s Pathways to Growth Fund does just that—helps us grow in meaningful ways. Help us on our journey into the future by donating to this important initiative.

Student Scholarship Fund

With a deep commitment to diversity, our Student Scholarship Fund helps ensure our degree programs remain affordable and accessible to all students. By donating to the Student Scholarship fund you are helping deserving students with the cost of their education, and in turn, helping ensure their future financial success.

Whitecoat – College of Pharmacy

The Whitecoat Ceremony is a wonderful and meaningful tradition in which Larkin University’s College of Pharmacy welcomes first-year doctor of pharmacy students (PharmD) to the pharmacy profession. During the Ceremony, each student is presented with their white coat, serving as a reminder of the commitment they are making to an honorable and trusted profession.  You can help support this important event by sponsoring the purchase of a white coat for a deserving student.

College of Biomedical Sciences

By design, our Master in Biological Science program helps prepare our students to have a competitive edge in applying to various doctoral level healthcare degree programs and in extending their academic development as future healthcare professionals.  By donating to the College of Biomedical Sciences you are helping ensure that we continue to offer relevant and cutting edge curriculum.

College of Pharmacy

The pharmacy profession is gaining increased recognition as a vital member of a healthcare team and pharmacists are practicing across an array of disciplines.  Larkin’s College of Pharmacy is committed to providing a student-centered, future-oriented learning environment that prepares our graduates to practice in a variety of settings.  As the practice of pharmacy is changing, we too need to constantly change how we deliver our curriculum.  By donating to the College of Pharmacy, you can help ensure that our students are receiving the most up-to-date instruction they need, helping them with their future success.