At Larkin University and our Colleges of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences it’s all about impacting Lives – yours, your community, and the people and patients you will serve.

In a sea of sameness, Larkin is different. The University and its College of Pharmacy and College of Biomedical Sciences were borne out of a health care delivery pioneer – Larkin Health Systems – with deep roots and commitment to the needs of minority communities they have served for two decades. For these Larkin institutions it has never been about pivoting to meet or exploit a trend or a perceived opportunity, but rather a singular focus on healthcare where everything done in the classroom, in a lab, on a clinical rotation, or on a research initiative begins and ends with a patient in mind and serving the greater good.

We invite you to explore all that our Colleges have to offer and how our innovative, collaborative educational approaches best prepare our students to contribute to today’s healthcare system team-based care models.

Grand opening of the new student breakout rooms

On March 30 Larkin University community leaders, friends and local officials will join us for the official grand opening of the new breakout rooms made possible by a generous donation from the Kent Family. On this occasion President Ettrich will also introduce LU’s new matching campaign for donation towards the student stipend fund. This evening is an opportunity for the community, supporters and elected officials to learn more about Larkin university, tour our campus and experience our students, faculty and trustees in a welcoming atmosphere. At LU we are proud to let our communities know what we have achieved so far and were we are heading!

At Larkin University and our College of Pharmacy and College of Biomedical Sciences, we strive to deliver our L.I.O.N. promise every day in all we do. It’s what differentiates us from other institutions of higher learning. Here is what it means to us and what we promise to you:


Where future leaders learn about themselves, others and commit to serving the common good. Accessible to ALL.


Where the curious learn to take risks, experiment, and test assumptions.  A transformational experience based on a new way of thinking.


Where your future is defined by the value you bring, not solely by the value you get.


Where our investment in the individual is matched by our commitment to the community.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion –
striving to have a positive impact on the future.

While other institutions aspire to be a diverse and inclusive community, we are one – it is a fundamental building block of our being. Our culture
promotes diversity and inclusion within an exceptional community of
students, faculty, and administrators. We believe this environment
stimulates new thinking and a better understanding of the communities our students will serve, while developing leaders that will improve human healthcare worldwide.

Immersive learning to empower and
prepare future healthcare leaders and exemplary practitioners.

Our singular focus on Pharm.D. and Biomedical Sciences healthcare
programs uniquely positions us to provide focused, clinical and non-clinical experiences with opportunities to work beside award-winning faculty within a small, hands-on, collaborative environment.

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