Everything we do at Larkin University begins and ends with a person in mind – our students, their communities, the patients, and people they will be serving.  

We develop leaders in pharmacy education, pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical sciences, and biomedical sciences who make a difference in human health across their communities.

And we are driven by our Larkin L.I.O.N. mantra:
Leadership. Innovation. Opportunity. Nurturing.  

At Larkin University and our College of Pharmacy and College of Biomedical Sciences, we strive to deliver our L.I.O.N. promise every day in all we do. It’s what differentiates us from other institutions of higher learning. Here is what it means to us and what we promise to you:


Where future leaders learn about themselves, others and commit to serving the common good. Accessible to ALL.

Leadership, as a prospective student what does it mean and why should you care? The answer is simple here at Larkin - the goal is always to facilitate and maximize student learning to enable and empower all students. Students are inspired to become leaders by the Larkin approach, building their confidence while eliminating barriers to learning. Two-way effective communications and collaboration between students and faculty further improves the overall learning experience, helping to shape the next generation of leaders. And students can partake in applicable Research & Scholarship – engaging in research where faculty are applying and disseminating real world scholarly insights in their teaching techniques to maximize learning. Lastly, Leadership is about the qualities Larkin students, faculty, and administrators cultivate and exhibit – showing respect and empathy; demonstrating humility; establishing trust; and facilitating relationship-building.

Where the curious learn to take risks, experiment, and test assumptions. A transformational experience based on a new way of thinking.

At Larkin University, we look at Innovation as a means to encourage students and teachers to explore, research and use all the tools available to them to uncover something new. It involves a different way of looking at problems and solving them. The thinking process that goes into it will help students develop their creativity and their problem-solving skills and become lifelong learners. Importantly, we believe that Innovation should be:
  • Relevant to the changing interests
  • Pertinent to the emerging career paths
  • Personalized to the student’s aptitudes and abilities
  • Responsive to the cultures and identities of different individuals

Where your future is defined by the value you bring, not solely by the value you get.

At Larkin University and our two colleges, we believe that higher education has a clear role in leveling the playing field and providing the necessary pathway for social and economic mobility. In an economy where knowledge and the ability to link and apply ideas lie at the core of opportunities, students here realize that matriculating to our institution will provide them a breadth of pathways to further their professional goals, changing their life and the lives of others, and – if so desired – to give back to their community by providing necessary and important services in terms of healthcare, medical, and dental support.

Where our investment in the individual is matched by our commitment to the community.

Minority and international students bring their values, language, culture, and educational background to LU, adding to and enriching the day-to-day and ongoing educational environment. To build an inclusive education and one that allows students to give back to their communities, students, faculty, and administrators approach the Larkin experience by embracing the differences and diversity and integrating it into all aspects of university life, including teaching and learning.

Welcome from the President / CEO

Whether you’re visiting as a prospective student, returning as one of our alumni, interested in a research or educational collaboration, or are simply curious as to what one of Florida’s newest private not-for-profit universities has to offer, I am honored to welcome you to Larkin University!

Founded in 2013, Larkin University is one of the newest universities in the State of Florida. Our vision has been and continues to be to build and shape a new health sciences university committed to graduate and professional education in a stimulating multicultural, multiethnic environment to serve the needs of a diverse global society.

South Florida represents one of most diverse cultural areas within the United States, which underscores the need for a diverse population of well-trained health professionals to serve the community. It is with great pride that the mission of Larkin University continues to reflect a devotion to interprofessional education, recognizing the need for population parity in serving the education needs of our communities in South Florida, and helping to fill the gap in the shortage of highly trained health care experts locally and nationally.

Larkin University delivers innovative education in a dynamic learning environment that incorporates the latest technologies and evidence-based science. Our dedicated faculty truly cares about our students and their future roles in health care and related industries such as research and education.

Each of our degree granting programs reflect the key components of the institutional mission of Larkin University:

  • Students Learning Together – currently offer graduate and professional programs in the College of Biomedical Sciences and the College of Pharmacy.
  • Research and Innovation – reflects the deliberate involvement of faculty and students working together in fields of research. LU is involved in clinical and basic science research, lab and bench research, and public health research.
  • Personal and Professional Engagement- reflects the students’ direct involvement in their chosen career areas.
  • Serving the Needs of the Community – involves students participating in health fairs, community charitable organizations, and participating in student organizations within the University and Colleges. Students developing a commitment to the service to others is at the core of the LU community.

Larkin University identifies, evaluates, and publishes goals and outcomes for student achievement, appropriate to the University mission, the nature of the students we serve, and the kinds of programs we offer. We here at Larkin University are proud of what we have achieved to-date and look forward to serving in ways that continue to benefit our diverse student population and the needs of our community. I am convinced that Larkin University will soon be one of the leading medical universities in South Florida – strong in research, excellent in education!

Thank you for visiting our Larkin University website! I look forward to welcoming you to our campus.

My sincere best,

Rudi H. Ettrich, RNDr. MSc. PhD.
President/Chief Executive Officer