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COP Students are eligible to receive both group and individual Peer Tutoring sessions for free. Peer Tutors are selected from among the most successful senior students to provide services. Students must attend two group tutoring sessions before they are eligible to receive individual tutoring.

Students can sign in for their tutoring sessions by visiting the following link: 

Student Counseling sessions are available free and unlimited to all students. We encourage you to be proactive with your wellness and book your Counseling appointment in advance by emailing our Student Counselor, Clara Alvarado at

Counseling sessions are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 5-9pm. The Counseling Office is located on the 2nd Floor in Room 2505. Counseling is always confidential and non-diagnostic. Services include both one on one sessions and couples. Couples can be defined however you would like, so this includes family, friends, significant others, classmates, etc.

The Office of Student Services employs a “Three Year Career Development Plan” for all COP students to ensure that they have the skills necessary to obtain gainful employment after graduation. OSS partners with faculty, student organization leaders and employers to offer a variety of workshops, career fairs, residency symposiums and much more to aid students in honing their professional job search skills.

Click here to view our “Three Year Career Development Plan”

Students with evidence of a documented disability and who require accommodations, may apply directly to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Admissions for these accommodations. Keep in mind that the process for approval may take several weeks, so students are encouraged to apply early. Students may begin their application as soon as they are admitted to the University and anytime while they are enrolled at the University.

To begin your application for Student Disability Accommodations, please email Dr. Lynne Arric, Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Admissions at

New students are assigned a full time Faculty Advisor upon entry into the College of Pharmacy. This Faculty Advisor will follow the student through all three years of the Pharmacy program to provide on-going mentoring and support.

In the first year of the Pharm D program students are required to meet with their assigned Faculty Advisor twice, once in the Fall term and one in the Spring term.

In the second and third years of the Pharm D program students can choose to schedule meetings with their Faculty Advisor as needed.

In an attempt to balance the demands of an accelerated curriculum with the investment of professional development for students, the following travel guidelines have been established.

Students who wish to travel for conference attendance or presentations, legislative days, or other professional development opportunities must first contact the Course Director of the class where an absence is expected to determine the viability of travel during the course. Students are still responsible for the content and assessments missed due to travel for professional development. Students should make an attempt to travel during scheduled breaks.

In order to travel students must be active students who are attending and participating in coursework. Students cannot reimburse travel taken during a leave of absence or suspension from the College.

Students are permitted to submit a funding request for all travel to include workshops, conferences, or events pertaining directly to the professional development of pharmacy students. Students can request up to a maximum of $200 for attending a conference and $300 for an active role such as presenting or speaking.

The College uses SGA Fees to support students in offsetting some of the costs associated with travel for professional development, but as a rule will not cover the entire cost of the trip. Priority consideration will be given to students who submit travel requests by the deadlines of September 30th for Fall travel and January 31st for Spring and Summer travel. Requests submitted past the deadlines will be considered based on budget availability. This will assist with allocating the available budget equitably among all student requests.


The two forms linked below are required to be completed when a student requests to travel. These should be submitted directly to the Director of Student Services.

Click here to view “Request to Travel Form”

Click here to view “Travel Liability Release Form”

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