Jayesh Parmar

Assistant Dean & Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy
Office: room 2208
Phone: 305-760-7481
Email: JParmar@larkin.edu
Hours: By Appointment

Dr. Jayesh R. Parmar is Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Associate Professor at Larkin University College of Pharmacy (LUCOP) in Miami, Florida. He held an administrative role at LUCOP as a Vice-Chair of Dept. of Clinical and Administrative Sciences prior to accepting the Assistant Deans’ position at LUCOP. His first academic position was for six years at University of Maryland Eastern Shore School of Pharmacy where he was tenured and promoted to the rank of Associate Professor. He received his Ph.D. in Pharmacy Administration from University of Louisiana at Monroe.

Dr. Parmar’s research interest includes comparative effectiveness & outcomes research, pharmacoeconomics, public health, and academic research. He has served as a principal investigator for several federal funded grants.

Dr. Parmar has been active in many professional pharmacy organizations and has published his research in reputed journals and continues to serve as a reviewer for the journals.

Research Profile

My research interest is to excel in the areas of social and administrative sciences which includes: comparative effectiveness & outcomes research using secondary healthcare database, pharmacoeconomics, public health, and academic research. I have served as a principal investigator, awarded and funded, public health grants e.g. Underage Drinking/Binge Drinking, Opioid Misuse Prevention Program, Health Enterprise Competent Care Connections Program, and 1422 Chronic Diseases Prevention and Control Grant. I am a strong advocate of positive student outcomes and take pride of my collaborative research team which comprises of graduate-level students and faculty body, from both clinical and pharmaceutical science departments, which is evident from the published articles. I have served as a reviewer for several peer-reviewed journals in the field of pharmacy.

I have served as a member of professional organizations, including the International Society of Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research and the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. Also, serve as an honorary faculty member of the Gamma Omicron chapter of the Phi Delta Chi pharmacy fraternity.



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