COBS: #LUFacultyPerspective

“The transition to virtual learning to keep safe our university community has highlighted the skillsets and dedication of the student body of Larkin University, including students of the College of Biomedical Sciences. It has been a smooth transition – I am not surprised because I have witnessed first-hand the capabilities of our students, and I expected the students would be able to adapt quickly. Nevertheless, the virtual learning and social distancing guidelines have opened up opportunities to collaborate with students in implementing different platforms (i.e. Canvas, Slack, Zoom, Ecamm Live) to maintain the high academic standards of our college and university. Although social distancing may have slowed down our agendas in our research team (The Respiratory and Immunology Project and Immunology Research Team) with regards to experiments, it has not interfered with our scientific research commitment – colleagues have invited us to contribute into COVID19-related proposals. The students in my research team have delivered in the iterations to elaborate in these proposals with the same enthusiasm as with in-person duties in the lab. When preparation meets opportunities, we call it anticipation – we don’t call it luck!.” – Félix E. Rivera-Mariani, PhD, assistant professor and academic coordinator, College of Biomedical Sciences

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