Larkin University College of Pharmacy charters APhA-ASP Chapter

Larkin University receiving their Chapter Charter during APhA-ASP Annual Meeting and Convention in San Francisco, California on March 25th 2017 (from left to right) Ms. Kelsea Gallegos- Immediate past APhA-ASP National President, Dr. Joshua Caballero, Ms. Arelys Del Pino APhA-ASP Larkin University Chapter President, and Dr. Nicolas Chow

Miami, FL –  Larkin University APhA-ASP Chapter officially received its charter on March 25th 2017 during the APhA-ASP Annual meeting and convention.  The Larkin Lions can now begin their legacy as the new chapter develops. Helping others and being involved in the community is what has motivated the Larkin University APhA members and officers to develop their chapter, to become not only passionate about APhA and its mission, but also dedicated future pharmacists who will work to serve the needs of others. Working closely with the chartering committee members exemplified that it takes a team to make an event like this one a true success. On receiving the charter the Chapter President said “As the first chapter of a national association at Larkin University College of Pharmacy we look forward to setting a good example to future student organizations.  Our Chapter’s mission is to empower and educate the underserved population through diversity and compassion and improve the overall health of the community with a focus on patient-centered care. We are thrilled and excited to develop long-lasting partnerships through community outreach events and by doing so, making a lasting and positive impact on the community.”

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