PH 633E Prescriptions for Burnout Prevention


PH 633E Prescriptions for Burnout Prevention

@Paul Boylan (Assistant Professor, COP DCAS), @Melissa Santibañez (Assistant Professor, COP DCAS), and @Jonathon May (Director of Student Services, COP) created and recently delivered an interactive elective course to P2 students designed to teach them how to prevent burnout syndrome. This elective was originally designed as a live course with content experts from the local Miami-Dade/Broward community leading daily discussions with the students, but it was restructured to a remote format through Microsoft Teams following the University’s transition to remote instruction during COVID-19.

Students completed pre/post burnout self-assessment surveys using the validated Maslach Burnout Inventory-General Survey for Students (MBI-GS(S)) and calculated their own score assessments.

Each day had a thematic overview connecting burnout to pharmacy practice, and students completed daily reflections on that day’s content and on select digital art pieces on reserve from the National Academy of Medicine’s Traveling Art Gallery. Select thematic activities included: 60-minute virtual fitness session, 15-minute daily affirmation/meditation, 60-minute guided nutrition workshop, and 60-minute panel discussion with faculty on leveraging social media and networking.

At the end of the block, students completed and presented both a PowerPoint presentation on their individual interpretation of burnout and an original artwork representing pharmacist burnout in the setting of COVID-19. The course faculty look forward to offering this elective again next spring (hopefully in person!), and students even requested incorporating this course into their longitudinal curriculum! Namaste from PH633E!

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