Dean L. Arneson

Professor and Senior Director Faculty Development, Department of Clinical and Administrative Sciences
Pharm.D., M.S., Ph.D.
Office: 2506
Phone: 305-760-7518
Hours: By Appointment

Dr. Dean Arneson is a motivating and dedicated individual with Pharmacy Practice and Management education background, established reputation as professor and a record of success in pharmacy school management. He joined the faculty at LU in October 2022 and looks to leverage his knowledge and experience into a role in developing LU students as empathetic humans and lifelong learners capable of critical thinking and problem solving.

Education and Training

Ph.D. | Pharmacy Administration | College of Graduate Studies, University of Nebraska Medical Center

M.S. | Pharmacy Administration | College of Graduate Studies, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Pharm.D. | Pharmacy | College of Pharmacy, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Pre-Pharmacy | Pharmacy | College of Pharmacy, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Teaching Interests

Dr. Arneson’s teaching interests and experience include Pharmacy Law, Management, Patient Care Ethics, Regulatory Affairs, Research Design and Statistics, Cultural Awareness in Patient Care, and Study Abroad programs. He uses a combination of various teaching methods for effective teaching with the emphasis on student centered learning.

Scholarly Interests

Dr. Arneson’s research is focused on to explore how effective teachings can optimize student learning and how regulatory affairs can affect the practice of pharmacy. He is also interested in the influence of alternative therapies and cultural awareness on pharmacy practice and education. Dr. Arneson has a track record of publications, book chapters and national/international presentations, as well as serving as a journal reviewer for pharmacy journals and as a committee member/Chair for professional organizations, etc.

Selected Publications

Arneson DL. The Future of Pharmacy Practice in Wisconsin. The Journal of the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin. November/December 2016, 19(6):21-24. (Invited submission)

Brandenburg MA, Brown SJ, Arneson DL, and Arneson WL. The Association of Pseudoephedrine Sales Restrictions on Emergency Department Urine Drug Screen Results in Oklahoma, Journal of the Oklahoma State Medical Association. December 2007, 100(11): 436-439.

Droege M, Marsh W, and Arneson DL. 2004 Florida Pharmacist Compensation and Labor Survey. Florida Pharmacy Today. June 2005, 68(6):13-15.

Arneson DL and Hunter TS. Solutions for compliance with HIPPA Regulations. Drug Topics. March 2005, 149:53-57

Arneson DL, Assa-Eley M, and Marsh W. Florida Pharmacist Salary and Workload Report Part II: Workload and Benefits. Florida Pharmacy Today. December 2001, 64:19-21.

Hardigan PC, Lai LL, Arneson DL, and Robeson A. Significance of Academic Merit, Test Scores, Interviews and Admissions Process: A Case Study. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education. Spring 2001, 65:40-44.

Arneson DL. Psychology of Errors in Workplace. Ipsa Loquitur, Newsletter of the Am. Soc. for Pharmacy Law. December 2000, 27(12):3.


Selected Book Chapters

Arneson DL, Bobrow H, and Brickman L. Survival Manuel for Students, Chapter 7 – Legal Implications for Pharmacy: Requirements for Filling a Prescription and Political Advocacy. pp 158-180. McGraw Hill. 07/2014. (Textbook)

Arneson DL. Pharmacy and the US Health Care System, 4th Edition. Chapter 17 – Professionalism and Ethics. pp 259-383. Pharmaceutical Press, London, UK. 04/2013. (Textbook)

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