Kristal Potter

Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical and Administrative Sciences, College of Pharmacy
Office: room 2504
Phone: 305-760-7486
Hours: By Appointment

Education and Training

B.S. Neuroscience                         Florida Atlantic University                       Boca Raton, FL

Pharm.D.                                       University of South Florida                      Tampa, FL

Teaching Interests

Dr. Potter’s teaching interests and experience include various ambulatory care pharmacy topics. Her experiences as an Air Force pharmacist have made her passionate about leadership, professional development, and sharing opportunities for pharmacists in public service.

Scholarly Interests

Dr. Potter’s areas of interest include the gastrointestinal microbiome and the role of microbiome diversity in a variety of GI diseases/disorders. In addition, she is interested in the gut-brain axis and how the microbiome can impact neurological function. Her research interests include identifying factors that can cause disruptions in the microbiome, such as exposure to antibiotics or dietary changes. Dr. Potter also has an interest in evidence-based recommendations to help restore a healthy microbiome such as strain specific probiotics, exercise, and patient education.