Larkin University College of Pharmacy provides strong support to an international conference on cancer research

Larkin University College of Pharmacy has made a strong presence during recently concluded 2nd International Conference on Cancer Research and Targeted Therapy, Miami Beach Resort, Miami, FL, during October 26-18, 2017.

During this international event a special session entitled “Natural Products in Cancer Prevention and Therapy: Progress and Challenges” was organized and chaired by Dr. Anupam Bishayee, Professor, and Chair of Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Dr. Gary M. Levin, Dean of College of Pharmacy, delivered an introductory talk highlighting the value of natural products in the discovery and development of drugs for various diseases, including cancer. Dr. Bishayee’s presentation titled “Pomegranate Phytochemicals Target Inflammatory Signaling to Confer Prevention of Mammary Carcinogenesis” was based on ongoing laboratory research on breast cancer prevention with dietary agents and bioactive phytochemicals.

Various nationally and internationally acclaimed oncologists and cancer researchers, including Noble Laureate Dr. Andrew V. Schally from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, have presented at this meeting. The major participants were from various universities, research institutes, hospitals and other healthcare sectors.

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