“Loki the Lion” is our official University mascot!

Dear LU Community, dear Lions,

It is with great pride and excitement that we write to share the newly elected name of our beloved Lion mascot! Over the course of the Fall 2020 semester, students from both the College of Pharmacy and the College of Biomedical Sciences competed in a competition to name the “Larkin Lion” sponsored by the COP Student Government Association. Dozens of possible entries were submitted by the student body and students voted for the winning name through a campus wide fundraiser. Our students have spoken and elected the name “Loki” as the name of our Lion mascot. Today, LU Administration has approved “Loki the Lion” as our official University mascot! We are excited to celebrate this milestone in our Larkin University history and look forward to the joy and school spirit that “Loki the Lion” will bring to our campus community.

Paws Up! Go Lions! Larkin Proud & Strong

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